PathTrek Implementation

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PathTrek Process – PathTrek is a process that leverages career development theory, practice and research to support support regional career and economic development efforts. Implementation components consist of: 1) Marketing, 2) Curriculum and 3) Professional Development. These components support the implementation of regional career pathways and sector strategies into a community wide standards based academic and workforce development curriculum. In the end the PathTrek Process is designed to improve community wide economic development and the overall quality of life of workers. To learn more, click the hyperlink at the beginning of this section.

Consulting Facilitation – Joseph B. Kent, pictured to the left is the lead consulting facilitator for the implementation of the PathTrek Process. While the PathTrek Process is an open system and available for self implementation, in most cases The PathTrek Process implementation requires consulting facilitation. Equipped with a BBA in Finance, a Masters of Science in Curriculum, Instruction and Technology and a Global Career Development Facilitator certification, Joseph B. Kent is uniquely qualified to facilitate regional career and economic development initiatives. To learn more, click the hyperlink at the beginning of this section.

Research Base – The PathTrek Process leverages a research base across business, education, government and workforce development. This research base across the economic development spectrum helps when bringing together community stakeholders from diverse background. To learn more about the research base, please access the PathTrek Process hyperlink above or to access a graphic of the process, please click the hyperlink at the beginning of this section.

Regional Curriculum – Provides graphical overview of regional curriculum implementation

Facilitation Services – Please click on the link to review available facilitation services.

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