Research based instructional practice and regional career pathways deployment require community wide professional development and the establishment of common language for effective communication to occur between education, business, workforce and policy development sectors. This involves the use of administrator training and  Career Content Academies for human resource professionals, career counselors and classroom instructors in support of regional career pathways deployment and economic development efforts.

STEP 1  Leverage regional partnerships to convene community wide professional development consisting of representatives from business, education, workforce and government.boximp

STEP 2  Conduct regional kickoff event to build momentum around career pathways using common language to support effective communication between diverse community stakeholders.

STEP 3  Leverage technology in providing community wide professional development, common language deployment and blended learning opportunities so that all stakeholders are part of the career pathways and guidance system.

STEP 4  Provide accelerated professional development for human resource professionals, career counselors and classroom instructors using Career Content Academies.

STEP 5 – Provide educators with Summer opportunities to work in the business workplace based on the “Educator in The Workplace” format.

STEP 6  Promote networking and communication using cost effective promotional opportunities.

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