Regional Career and Economic Development Studies– Provides regional context and view of the need for convergent regional career and economic development collaboration while using both public and local survey data.

Curriculum Alignment and Program Development – Leverages existing assets resources to align instruction to regional career and economic development goals in support of regiona career pathways. Curriculum and programming leverages regional occupational demand data to support relevant instructional experiences that embrace individual learner 1) foundational skill development 2) work habits and soft skill development and 3)  career pathways planning and selection with local contextualization.

Technology Selection – Leverages experience and background to select and/or build appropriate centralized technology to support regional career and economic development efforts.

Professional Development, Facilitation and Consulting – Career Content Academies and blended, web based and onsite professional development, facilitation and coaching services.

Partnership Facilitation, Communication and Event Coordination – Outreach services to diverse regional stakeholders, event planning and facilitation.

Website Development Content development to promote regional partnerships in support of career pathways and economic development efforts.