Informed by data driven goals, the implementation of regional career pathways occurs through standards aligned curriculum and career education for all.  The components can be found below.

Self Exploration (Assessment) – Starting in middle school, standards aligned activities and assessments that inform individuals of their passions and abilities studentspresenting

Career Exploration (Research) – Starting in middle school, standards aligned activities that leverage self exploration findings and inform career pathways research into career, technical and professional education treks as informed by local employer demand.

Career Planning – Starting in high school, standards aligned career pathways planning to inform program enrollment, completion and eventual employment in desired career pathway that culminates in the form of a completed individual learning plan (ILP) or career pathways plan.


Printed Portfolio / ILP  – Addresses the above while providing learners and job seekers with a presentation tool to email and/or provide potential employers with a copy during the interview process. This hard copy format serves as a presentation support for learners and job seekers during the interview process.

Professional development to support implementation can be viewed here.